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Biobased PU Leather

Accelerated carbon neutrality

Biobased leather "is a new type of synthetic leather synthesized from industrial animal and plant fibers. Compared to traditional petrochemical products, the raw materials are renewable and inexhaustible, and it helps to reduce carbon footprint and achieve carbon reduction from the source. It has the characteristics of green sustainability, environmental friendliness, resource conservation, and has also passed the USDA Biobased Certification of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Recycled PU Leather

Utilization the Recycled Sources, Strong the Social Resiponsibility

1.Sustainable development: Using the recycled resource as our rawmaterial, it's certificated by GRS during each process. We can open TC certificate and traceability. Customer can use the GRS label when the recycled content is more than 50%. 2. Business trends: The green consumption has become the main social trends and sustained developing become a tide of the Fashion industry. 3. Consumption concept: In order to reduce the waste and the environmental pollution, the recycling of resources become the common mission of human beings. So the society a person with breadth of vision are morely selecting to use the recycled products. 4. Got the GRS certificate in 2019, now we have recycled PU leather for garments, for bags and recycled cow fiber series. The quality and look is no any difference with the normal PU leather. And we can supply TC documents.


Eco-friendly, High Physical Performance, Meet All the Reqests of Customers.

1. Green and Safety: Don't have harmful solvent like DMF, it's save to human which is suitable for skin friendly products, such as baby products. 2. Special Physical Property: It is anti-hydrolysis, ventilation and moisture permeability and Low temperature twist resistant. 3. Current Products: For garments, for boxing and recycled with GRS certificate.


The handfeel is as super sof t and smoothly as baby skin which is charming and amazing.

This product could give customers a comfor table and pleasant wear ing exper ience. As this product have the folds and textures like real sheepskin, i t could instead of the genuine leather and reduce the demand of animal leather to promote the harmonious existence between man and animal.
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